EP – Meet you in Bonn

Work in progress. EP or Album titled “Meet you in Bonn”.

Track list:

  • Don’t Need All This. (Favourite track from the Album, needs a lot of work)
  • Meet you in Bonn (Rework beginning Synth)
  • Mouthful of Mistakes (Redo Solo Guitar, Marcus?)
  • Musical Cave
  • What’s up Doc (Finish Vox, Mix)
  • Nude Jane
  • Sunburnt Scar
  • Pure Morning Cover (Mix)
  • Save me too (mix, add more to the song)
  • Simple Thing (Heavy remix/drums needed, add more to song)
  • Fever Ray – If I had a heart Cover – (Needs completing. Sounds great)
  • Speaking in Tongues (add more, remix)
  • What I find (hidden track)
  • Mirrors Made of Oranges (Master by Ruben, done)

Additional Songs in the pool:

  • Relaxed Position
  • As the Crow Flies
  • Bake Awake (needs reworking with new chorus)
  • Beingo (rework and take just the ending)
  • Chillout Pls. (Not sure about this one)
  • Circles (would need a lot of work, beginning sounds great)
  • Clown – Great start, needs new Chorus
  • DWWS (Guitar Instrumental)
  • Ft Pete (Would need turning into a full song)
  • I have to go to work tomorrow (Small elements I like)